cb:       What ?

Cam:  What ?!

cb:       What are you looking at ?

Cam:  I’m not looking at nothin’ – you still have my lens cap on.

cb:       Well, what do you want?  You’re just sitting there.

Cam:  I don’t want nothin’.  I just do my job.  You’re the boss.

cb:       Yeah.  I guess I’m just having a little trouble making the first move.

Cam:  Get over yourself.  You’ve never known what you’re gonna shoot in advance.  Take a walk.

cb:       I walk all the time.  You just haven’t been invited yet.

Cam:  Whatever.

cb:       Yeah, whatever.  Like you don’t want to go click, click, click.

Cam:  Dude.  I’m a machine.  A computer.  Quit looking at me, and get back on the horse.

cb:       See – I knew you wanted to get out.  OK – maybe as a favor to you.  I’ll do it for you.

Cam:  Tweaker.  Just don’t drop me like you did the last one – that’s all I ask.  Give me a shot.  My battery is charged, you’ve got two SD cards ready to go.

cb:       As a favor to you.  I don’t even care, but now you’re getting all worked up, so I’ll do it for you.  You should meditate more.

Cam:  I should meditate more?!?!  That’s rich.

cb:       If you were nicer, this would be easier.

Cam:  Riiiiight … So this is all about your feelings …?

cb:       Do not invalidate my feelings.

Cam:  Give it a rest.

cb:       Fair enough.  Let’s roll.  I’m glad we talked.

Cam:  Nuff said

(Click, Click, Click)

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