Well it’s finally beginning to happen … Again.  Getting more productive with Chris Bratt Photography.

March 2012 – I’m feeling like the second revision of http://chrisbratt.com/ is coming together.  Four thousand “Thank You’s” to my brother Jeremy for eons of slaving on the website and accommodating my ceaseless and often out-dated design wishes.  Also many many thanks to Michelle Merrill for her initial design of www.chrisbratt.com years back, which was a quantum leap for me then, when I had a website up before I had a clue how to operate a computer.

So welcome to the site, and to a new blog.  Of course I hope to keep regularly updating the photos and  the blog as well – common goals seemingly often understandably less achieved … but why not start out with the best intentions?  The site includes my older more ‘traditional’ landscape-ish photographs, as well as my more recent and often quite abstract work.  I seem to continue to move away from static imagery in favor of motion, intentional blurs, and abstract compositions.   Not that I can’t go back mind you, and try to remember how to focus …

I’ve had a productive run in the last few weeks:

  • I’ve produced a new portfolio with 60 prints of old and new images with help from my talented photo print production friend Erik Peterson http://www.espcolorservices.com/who I used to print with back in the old color darkroom days.  The new prints are Fuji Crystal Archive prints by Bay Photo http://www.bayphoto.com/and Epson inkjets prints by Laser Light Photographcs http://www.laslight.com/ (keeping it local don’t you know)
  • I applied, was admitted, and then participated in the 2.5 day PhotoAlliance “Our World” portfolio review in  San Francisco last weekend – http://www.photoalliance.org/ – FANTASTIC (more on that later).
  • And I just hung a show, with help from my ever trusty furry curator Maggie,  at my friend Helbard’s brand new photo studio -which has a gallery in in the “foyer.”  Check out http://www.mockingbirdmedia.com/home/ in the new building out there on Mission Street in Santa Cruz.

So now … I’m gonna go chill  … for at least an hour   (-;

Don’t forget to take a moment to simply listen to the rain.

Love love love the rain
Makes our rhododendron smile
Just the sound is sweet

And here’s an old fave rain pic … THANKS for stopping by,


Rainy-Window, Winter, Gray, Shadows

Rainy Window


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